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World of Warcraft Leveling Guide

World of Warcraft Leveling Guide

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OK so the warcraft world of Azeroth is where game events take place, and is set about 4 years after the concluding events of Warcraft III – “The Frozen Throne”.

World of Warcraft, (often abbreviated to WoW) is a massively multi–player online role playing game (MMORPG). (More than 11.5 million paid monthly members)

23rd, November 2004 was the first release date for World of Warcraft – by Blizzard Entertainment. (WoW Level-up 1 to 60)

The Burning Crusade” was World of Warcrafts first expansion set and was first released on 16th, January 2007. (WoW Level-up 1 to 70)

The second World of Warcraft expansion set, “Wrath of the Lich King” (WoW Level-up to 80) was released on 13th, November 2008 and “Cataclysm”, the third expansion set (WoW Level-up to 85), was announced on 21st, August 2009.

Two new WoW races were revealed in Cataclysm – “Goblins” belong to the Horde faction and “Worgen” to the Alliance. There is room for new talents, abilities and ways to allow players to grow their characters now that the level limit has increased to 85.

Kalimdor & the Eastern Kingdoms zones are reshaped and never to be again seen as they were. There are many new higher level zones with raid content, PvP objectives, and daily quests than any other expansion to date.

A Wintergrasp like zone with rated Battle grounds. The guild a player belongs to can earn levels with achievements just as any player can. Guilds are now able to advance just like players do.

World of warcraft leveling guide players control their own avatar character within the game play in first, or third person view. Exploring a world where the player encounters, battles and defeats monsters, completes various quests, and interacts with other game players, or non–player characters (NPCs).

To enter the Warcraft game world, a player selects a realm (often called a server). Each realm falls into one of four separate categories and acts as an individual copy of the game environment. Note: I cover Realms, Classes, Quests, & Guilds in some detail inside my free world of warcraft leveling guide, gold gathering and professions mastery 7 part eMail series below.

Realms are categorized by: language (also with in game language support), player versus player (PvP), player versus environment (PvE), Role play (RP) and role play–PvP (RP–PVP).

  • (PvP) Here open battle amongst game players is the most common.
  • (PvE) This is where game play is focused more on completing quests and fighting with various monsters.
  • Role play (RP) and role play–PvP (RP–PVP) Also variants of the above primary realm types are available.

Players may choose to create a new character from within one of the two opposing factions of ‘Alliance’ or ‘Horde’. A player selects the new character’s race, (for example Blood Elves or Undead for the Horde, or Knight Elves or Humans for the Alliance).

Characters from opposing factions can only perform basic communication, but members from within the same faction may group, chat, email, and share guilds. Each race has its own set of unique abilities and talents plus its own strengths and weaknesses.

Players may also choose the class for their character, (for example warriors, mages, and priests). The World of Warcraft class that you pick for your character will determine your main role in the game – so choose carefully.

During game time a players character evolves and grows, gaining numerous skills and talents, and this requires the player to continually keep adjusting and defining the abilities for that character.

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